Our Missionaries

Morley &Jane Langdon

Recently the accepted an invitation to be volunteer teachers at the Chiang Rai International Christian School, Chiang Rai, Thailand.  Morley is teaching physics, chemistry, 8th grade science, and calculus.  Jane will be teaching English as a second language. 

The school is an outgrowth of missionary children being home schooled.  In addition to missionary children, about 1/3 of the children wil be from the local area.  If you would like more information please visit: www.crics.asia

**For pictures of the Langdon's Mission in Thailand click here!


Jeni will serve as the senior administrator of the New Life Center Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Established in 1987, the New Life Center serves young ethnic minority (tribal) women who are at risk for, or victims of, human trafficking, forced labor, and sexual abuse. Residents are provided with shelter, education, vocational and life skills training, and legal assistance. Over the past several years, new treatment methodologies for victims have been implemented, including art, dance and music therapy.

With degrees in development and Christian theology, Jeni will provide support to NLCF staff in areas of administration, Christian discipleship, and financial literacy. She will be responsible for writing grants, overseeing outcome management, and leading public relations. She will work to expand scholarship programs, economic development initiatives, and financial literacy curriculum while providing Christian discipleship to staff and program beneficiaries.


Language used in ministry: Thai

Tom & Terry Myers

American Baptist Missionaries to Bulgaria: Tom and Terry serve the people near the Captial city of Sofa by providing micro-enterprising loans that enable individuals and families to start over their businesses or to expand existing businesses.  In addition, Tom is helping local churches and families by providing animal, seeds, fertilizers, and the necessary training so they can raise their own food.  Terry is working with Roma children to learn English in a Wednesday after-school class held at the Sofia Baptist Church.  They also host mission teams from the U.S. who go to do in-country projects.  

Anita and Rick Gutierrez

Drs. Anita and Rick Gutierrez serve in Durban, South Africa together with IM partner the Baptist Mission of South Africa. They train and equip local churches, pastors and missionaries to combat life-style related diseases like HIV/AIDS, heart and artery disease, diabetes and malaria.  Portable rapid screening tests for these conditions are offered by trained health builders.  The doctors continue to develop a health education DVD series that can be studied individually or in small groups. A holistic approach from the Christian perspective is offered in order to help people acheive their health and life goals. 

The vision is to train two or four health builders in each participating church.  They would like to see this model of health building become a part of local church missions throughout Africa and other resource-limited settings.

Languages for ministry: English and Zulu 
Primary ethnic groups worked with: South African Indians and Zulus

Dan and Estela Schweissing 

Dan and Estela currently serve the American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains as region missionaries, providing pastoral ministry and educational
opportunities to the growing refugee    community from Burma  (Myanmar). Prior to joining the ABCRM staff, the Schweissings served for ten years as  American Baptist missionaries in the Bahamas, where Estela ministered to at-risk women and children in the Haitian immigrant community and Dan trained church leaders through a local Bible institute. Previously, Estela worked as a bilingual educator for Denver Public Schools and Dan was the assistant director for the GED Program at Curtis Park Community Center.


The daughter of Haitian immigrants, Estela was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic where she was raised in the First Haitian Missionary Baptist Church and accepted the Lord at twelve years of age. The following year, the deacons of Estela's church invited her to go with them to the bateyes (migrant villages for Haitian sugarcane cutters). There, she saw for the first time the impoverished conditions of the Haitian migrant workers who cut sugarcane in the Dominican Republic. She was especially concerned about the children of the workers and, in each place she went with the deacons, she taught Sunday school classes for the children. Estela's love for children led her to pursue a career in education while improving her ministry skills through courses at the local Bible institute. While employed as a teacher, Estela was also active as a lay missionary to Haitian migrant workers in the nearby bateyes. Following her marriage with Dan, she acquired additional teaching, ministry, and cross-cultural experience in Puerto Rico and Denver. Estela earned her B.A. in Early Childhood Education from the InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico. She also completed three years of theological studies at the Center for Biblical and Pastoral Studies in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Dan, a fifth-generation Coloradan, traces his American Baptist roots back to the early 1870s when his great-great grandparents joined a Baptist church shortly after homesteading in the Colorado Territory. Born and raised in the Denver area, Dan committed his life to Christ at Crossroads American Baptist Church at a young age. At fifteen, he became interested in missions work through a series of Bible studies led by his youth pastor. During the remainder of his high school and college years, short-term missions trips to Mexico and San Francisco, active involvement in campus ministry, and volunteer tutoring served to confirm his call to teaching and missions work. Following his graduation from college, Dan served for two years with American Baptist International Ministries as a volunteer ESL instructor in the Dominican Republic. It was during those years that he met and married Estela Luisima, an active leader in the congregation where he volunteered. Subsequently, Dan continued his teaching career while completing graduate studies in Puerto Rico and Denver.

Dan holds M.A. degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language from the InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico and Urban and Intercultural Ministries from Denver Seminary. He completed his undergraduate degree in humanities at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

During the school year, Dan and Estela are providing tutoring sessions for refugee children to help them with English and to become accustomed to American schools and society.  They are assisted by volunteers from the ABCRM region. Dan and Estela were instrumental in organizing the Bible School Day camp in Aurora, CO the past two summers.  The three-week sessions were for children of refugees of the Karen tribe along the Burma/Thailand border.  First Baptist Church of Laramie has supported this effort by sending a mission team for a week in the summers of 2011 and 2012.  The mission team included Diana Kocornik, Carlie Moe, Kevin Moe, and Mary M. Burman

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