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Sunday School @ 9:30 a.m

Recent events in the Laramie community have reminded us that while it does not always rear its ugly head, hate has a foothold here and the message of love is not always able to drown it out.


We at First Baptist Church of Laramie are disheartened, appalled, and angered along with so many others in the community at the actions and words that were on display on the University of Wyoming campus. We condemn in the strongest terms the hatred exhibited to a transgender student on December 2. We believe that God is love and there is no room for hate in His Kingdom. There is no love found in singling out a person or group of people to pick apart their lives.


The message of love is found throughout the Bible. Jesus provided a multitude of experiences where He showed love and acceptance to the vulnerable, the lost, and the forgotten, and he admonished the self-righteous. It is only by closing one’s eyes to all that the Bible can teach that one is able to use its words to justify attacking another.


First Baptist Church wishes to express the message that you are loved. Regardless of your circumstance, God loves you, and there is nothing you can do to change that fact. 


We believe that Jesus Christ, as fully God and fully human, is the only true Lord and Savior. We demonstrate our new faith in Christ through "believer's baptism" by immersion, following Jesus'. We believe that individuals become Christians as they confess their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord,  life in Christ.

We pledge to serve Christ in the fellowship of this congregation.  We shall endeavor to love one another, to remember one another in prayer, to share in each other’s joys, and to sustain each other in times of distress. Bound together in a fellowship of faith with all who confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

First Baptist Church of Laramie has a long history, 142 years, rich in its contribution to the town and state as well as rich in its outreach of evangelism and ecumenical cooperation. Laramie came into existence when the Union Pacific Railroad began selling lots on April 20, 1868.

Meet The Team

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Morley Langdon

Church Moderator

Russ Oliver

Vice Moderator



Visiting new places can take us out of our comfort zone. We hope to make your first visit a great experience by helping you feel as informed as possible before you even get here! Here are some things that might make your visit to First Baptist Church (FBC) a little easier...

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