Sharing the Good News of Christ's Love - in word and Deed

Pastor Jeff Lundblad

Church Staff

Mary Jean Honeycutt

Music Director

Jenny Haas


Samantha Dunbar

Nursery Assistant

Administrative Assistant

2017 - 2018 Officers & Ministry Team Members

Christy Oliver 
Jackie Carter
Membership Clerk
Roger Steeve 
Vice Moderator
Maggie Harrop
Recording Clerk

Ministry Teams

Team Leader: Christy Oliver 
Team Members: April Johnson, Roger Steeve, Time Eisenhauer, Karen Lange, Diana Kocornik, Mary Burman, Maggie Harrop, Pastor Jeff Lundblad

Congregational Life Team

Team Leader: April Johnson
Coordinator of Christian Education: Mary Burman
Deacon Chair: Connie Pliley 
ABWM: April Johnson
Team Members: Brenda Lundblad, Phyllis Dunbar, Elnora Frye, Maggie Harrop, Billie Hofferber, Connie Pliley, Louise Richardson, Linda Tanner, Karen Steeve, Paula Weems

Finance Ministry Team

Team Leader/ Treasurer: Karen Lange
Financial Secretary: Diana Kocornik
Receiving Treasurer: Opal Kelly 
Assistant Receiving Treasurer: Connie Pliley
Disbursing Treasurer: Roger Steeve
Team Members: Lori Gonzales, John Stoll, Karen Campbell

Properties Ministry Team

Team Leader: Tim Eisenhauer
Team Members: Glenda Hines, Eric Moorhouse, Russ Oliver, Brenda Lundblad, Bill Carter, Don Hines, John Stoll

Worship Committee

Team Leader: Pastor Jeff Lundblad
Music Director: Mary Jean Honeycutt
Pianist: Jenny Haas
Team Members: April Johnson, Dean Johnson, Eric Moorhouse, Russ Oliver, Glenda Hines, Don Hines, Lori Collamer

Staff Relations Committee

Team Leader: Roger Steeve
Team Members: Christy Oliver, Diana Kocornik, Jackie Carter, Bruce Lange, Karen Campbell, Dennis Tanner, Pastor Jeff Lundblad 

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